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LME Aluminium: For information on physical and futures specifications, warehousing, brand listing and pricing from the world's most liquid industrial metals market.
Aluminium, aluminium contracts, official prices, cash, 3months, settlement, consumption and production, industry usage, non ferrous .

World Wide Words – Aluminium Versus Aluminum

The different American spelling of what British English spells 'aluminium' sometimes causes puzzlement as to how it could have come about.
World Wide Words, Etymology, English language, Words, Aluminium, Aluminum, Webster, Davy .

ALUMINIUM 2016 - 11th World Trade Fair & Conference

ALUMINIUM 2016 is the international meeting place for suppliers of raw material, semi. finished and finished products, surface treatment and producers of machinery, plant and equipment for aluminium processing and manufacturing.
Aluminium Fair,Aluminium processor,Aluminium producer,Aluminium applications,Automotive supplier,Subcontracting fair,Rolling Extrusion,Light metal .

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Aluminium | Define Aluminium At

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