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Powder Metallurgy (PM) is an effective metal working technology providing value through nearly 100% material utilisation.
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There are several ways of heating metal to transform its properties. Temperatures and rate of cooling are carefully controlled to achieve desired outcomes.

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Providing welding procedure development, welding technigue for tig, mig, and other welding processes for aluminum, stainless steel and other alloys.
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Other articles where Austenitic steel is discussed: stainless steel: Austenitic steels, which contain 16 to 26 percent chromium and up to 35 percent nickel, usually have the highest corrosion resistance. The most common type is the 18/8, or 304, grade, which contains 18 percent…
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Cast iron: Cast iron, an alloy of iron that contains 2 to 4 percent carbon, along with varying amounts of silicon and manganese and traces of impurities such as sulfur and phosphorus. It is made by reducing iron ore in a blast furnace. The liquid iron is cast, or poured and hardened, into crude ingots called
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